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Brahms in 1890s Vienna is an online educational experience featuring the Brahms Clarinet Trio in A minor (Opus 114). The music is set in a story about Brahms, and his city, Vienna, Austria. Parents can enjoy these activities with their children and learn about chamber music as well as the culture of Vienna in the l890s. Music listening guides and music games will explore the elements of music, and additional information and resources can be found by clicking on Cafe Central’s coffee cups. At the end of the story, kids can enjoy a walk in Vienna’s Prater Park! Brahms in 1890s Vienna is teacher ready!

Teachers and educators, please download this lesson plan for Brahms in 1890s Vienna: Learning about Chamber Music, featuring music education information and games, and cross-curricular activities on art, architecture, and history. The music education games are referenced to the National and State standards in Music Education, and the learning concepts of the games are also described.

  • Brahms in 1890s Vienna Text [Microsoft Word .doc, 110K/10 pages]
    All text and dialog from the Online Interactive game and links to related resources!

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