Go Classical for Kids

The Nutcracker Ballet

Clara's Christmas Tale

An interactive ballet storybook

Hansel & Gretel: Build your own Opera!

An Introduction to Opera


An Introduction to Symphonic Music

Alan Chapman's Studio

A Game about Radio Broadcasting

Classical Music Tales

First in a Series of YouTube Videocasts

Inside a Piano

A Game about Piano Sounds

Bach, Bluegrass & Bugs!

A Listening Game

Carnival of the Animals

Come Draw while Listening to Music by Camille Saint-Saëns

Rip-Roaring Ragtime

Piano for Babies!

Classical Chops

Classical Music Videos and Podcasts


Mr. Seahorse visits a jazz club and and Mr. Parrot Fish visits the symphony

What is Classical Music?

Learn about Symphonic, Opera, Solo Voice and Instrument, Choral, and Chamber music


Brahms in 1890's Vienna

An Introduction to Chamber Music

Family Listening Activity